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  1. Spring Time

    Posted 20 Mar 2014

    I know there is still good snow on the ground, but this time of year I look forward to cooking outside with my pellet grill. If it ever warms up.
    That is what I call brisket with a smoke ring.Attached File  4 003.jpg (1.54MB)
    Number of downloads: 7
    Bacon wrapped meatloaf Attached File  4 010.jpg (1.22MB)
    Number of downloads: 3
  2. 38tmx

    Posted 16 Mar 2014

    I'm trying to connect the slide's to the cable end's of a 01 440 sno pro throttle cable with no luck. The spring coil binds not letting me make the connection by about .250". I am beginning to think I need a different cable with more throw, or a shorter spring. Maybe I'm just mentally challenged, and doing it wrong. I know Jeffh has been down this road before has anyone else?
  3. Bear Cat

    Posted 14 Dec 2011

    I purchased part# 0746-795, and might have made a mistake. I was hoping for a non set screw style pin to work with my collection of bushed cam arms. Unfortunately received o-ring set screw big pin type clutch instead. Has anyone run into this problem before? Can I press non set screw weight bushings inside the larger bolt bushings, and then run the smaller flyweight bolt? Or do I have to drill, and tap all my weights for set screws that I want to use?
  4. 97 Zr 440

    Posted 29 Aug 2011

    Attached File  Picture1 001.jpg (912.39K)
    Number of downloads: 43Attached File  Picture1 002.jpg (862.01K)
    Number of downloads: 23Attached File  Picture1 003.jpg (882.39K)
    Number of downloads: 11Attached File  Picture1 005.jpg (861.73K)
    Number of downloads: 17Attached File  Picture1 006.jpg (850.99K)
    Number of downloads: 22Attached File  Picture1 008.jpg (1.03MB)
    Number of downloads: 21Attached File  Picture1 009.jpg (1015.77K)
    Number of downloads: 17Attached File  Picture1 010.jpg (984.39K)
    Number of downloads: 15

    These pics are just showing the plug. I still have to make the mold.
  5. Nology Hot Wires

    Posted 24 Mar 2011

    I have pitting on b9egv spark plugs in 1997 zr440. The pitting almost looks like arching between the Nology plug wire terminal and spark plug connecting nut. Plugs and wires have less than 10 hrs estimated on them. I have knowingly not detected the slightest missfire while riding for the first time this year or last year. This new plug and wire combo was used for just 2 1/2 days last year with no visual pitting or arching present then. Perhaps it was subtle and minute and has esculated because now it is obvious. The arching on the plug is exactly where the two contact points from the boot are with wear between those two points. You can see on the plug exactly where all plug wire contact is and it is black from potential arching I guess. This year I installed a Digatron guage, and jetted rich when I shouldn't have. I am baffled any suggestions. Nology says new plugs and dielectric grease.

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June 20, 1979
New Harbor, ME
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1997 zr440
snowmobiles, boats, and guns

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