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  1. Another Triple Rescued

    Posted 30 Aug 2018

    A couple years ago I picked up a 2010 Crossfire for my son. He liked it, but said it didn't feel completely stable on the trails :) So, I made a deal with him that I'd sell it and find an old triple to mod like my '98 Tcat. (He's always liked my sled) Picked up a 97 Tcat and the fun started. This sled was the perfect example of a sled that was probably hauled on an open trailer and never washed down after a trip. Apparently the previous owner had no idea what WD-40 can do for metal. Every bolt head/etc. had rust on it. The good news is the hood/decals/plastics were all in great shape. I started gathering what I needed for the AGLT mod and 136" rear. Instead of looking for individual parts, I bought two parts sleds....a complete '00 ZR600 for all the front end parts, and a '98 ZRT chassis for the tunnel extension. Ended up selling other parts off of the ZR to get more than my money back for it, and the ZRT chassis yielded enough parts off of it to make it worth much more than the $100.00 I paid for it. I used the ZRT tunnel to make my own tunnel extension.

    From the ZR I swapped the following:
    - Both clutches
    - Handlebars/ignition switch
    - A arms and shocks

    Other parts acquired:
    - 98 CDI so the handle bar switches will work
    - '10 LED tail light

    With a LOT of elbow grease, it came out pretty good. Would still like to pull the front end apart to sandblast/paint the front frame, but that'll have to wait...too many other projects.
  2. Facing The Fact...winter Is Finally Over

    Posted 22 Apr 2014

    With there still being snow in the UP last week, I was holding out for the hopes of a quick trip up there to try the turbo out. But I started a new job last week and it ain't happening. So today I finished detailing, waxing, and doing the summer prep stuff. They are now tucked away for the long hibernation...three 170+ hp cats going to sleep together, lol.

    Attached File  IMG_20140422_150348637_HDR.jpg (3.6MB)
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    Attached File  IMG_20140422_150419057_HDR.jpg (3.46MB)
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  3. I Guess We Have Evolved, Lol

    Posted 7 Apr 2014

    1955 cruiser

    It's always interesting to see how things started. Good thing someone thought about adding suspensions to snowmobiles!!!
  4. Will A Weak Top End Affect Mileage?

    Posted 2 Apr 2014

    Just of my sleds is off a few mpg's compared to the last few seasons.
  5. Using Too Much Oil

    Posted 11 Mar 2014

    Guys, I've racked up about a thousand miles on my '98 AGLT Tcat this season and love it. However, the thing is sucking oil at a rate of 2 quarts per 100 miles. This is twice the consumption of my '01 Tcat and makes those high mile days interesting. I've never adjusted an oil pump and am looking for some guidance so I don't go too far with it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    On another note, the '98 gets about 2 mpg better fuel consumption than the '01. Thinking I need to look at the compression on the '01 because it used to do better.

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