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  1. Well, Rick, Here I Come....

    Posted 27 Dec 2017

    Renewing my state registration tags currently, loading up my clutches (and compression tools to swap helixes/springs!), headed up at around 3:30-4:30am est. (If I can sleep that long.....?)

    Gonna' load up after doing a quick installation of my sleds heart and its vitals. Headed towards either HL and Hackers, or SH (to stop by and see Jim and Cheryl for new Trail sticker), that should make me legal once again..... :lol:

    Then, to put some serious mileage on for the day... OMG, has it been a while since doing a 100+ mile day for me (what with scheduling and my injured back.

    TtyS... (Talk to you SOON!) :lol:
  2. 2016 Sleds Coming....

    Posted 20 Sep 2015

    In the EXACT OPPOSITE DIRECTION of what Cat BLATANTLY states in every documented Service Manual checked into....

    Just thought 2016 buyers should be AWARE of the DANGERS associated with this...

    Bolts with proper installation that "Lead" the direction of clutchs rotation (which is what Cat Svc Manuals preach) will still retain not only the bolt itself, but it's flyweight as well in the event the nut becomes detached for POSSIBLE various causes, sometimes operator/tuner error, sometimes flaws in materials causing this to happen...

    Bolts installed as in the pics below will not only become SCHRAPNEL THEMSELVES.. SO WILL THE FLYWEIGHT for every one that CAN accidently become "non-retentive" due to many various scenarios...
  3. Gather 'round Fella's.....

    Posted 11 Aug 2015

    https://search.rpxco. ..aris-industries
  4. P/n: 3007-467

    Posted 27 Feb 2015

    It is a throttle position sensor...

    Fits ALL 500 efi twins from 2007 thru 2014.. Both, single and twin throttle bodies...

    If someone has one sitting around that's good and wants to sell, shoot me a pm...

    Cat is out until 3/24/15...

    My season is over before I even got time off and rode once...... :( :pulling-my-hair-out:
  5. This Winters Pattern...

    Posted 9 Dec 2014

    Can anyone say "El-NiƱo?"

    The weather and precipitation patterns from the central Pacific region all the way across the North American Continent points DIRECTLY at one nestling in on us for the season....... Sure hope like heck I'm wrong, just seen too many of these in past to NOT recognize the obvious n

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