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  1. 99 Zrt 600 Bogging

    Posted 3 Jan 2018

    Hello all. I got this sled going last winter. and it was running great. after I cleaned carbs thouroghly. but at the end of last season the sled developed a bog issue.

    I have already torn apart the carbs and recleaned them. checked for cracks on the rubber boots. all fuel lines and filters are new last year and in good shape. I have good spark. the sled starts right up and idles around 3000 rpm. track engagement around 5-6000 rpm. it will run great for about 5 min. then start to bog. onc e the bogging start, it will continue to bog when you give it throttle. to the point that you have to feather it to get it moving again. I do not know much about sleds. but am fairly mechanical, and just have been learning as I go. if anybody has a troubleshooting guide or even some steps on what to check, it would be helpful. again I can rip apart anything but don't necessarily know where to start or what to look for. any help or checklist of steps would be greatly appreciated.
    I did notice it seems that once the sled is warm, is when the issue starts. if that helps at all.
  2. Help 99 Zrt 600 Fuel Issues

    Posted 1 Feb 2017

    Hello All
    I could use some help please.
    I am fairly new to the snowmobile world other than a old 440 I had when I was a kid.
    So I purchased a 99 ZRT 600 that had been sitting for a couple years. I am confident in my abilities to get it running. I did find old gas in the tank. not much. but I pumped it clean. put new gas and pumped it clean again. I cleaned the carbs , but only the float bowl and the upper half . I did not pull the needle valves or jets. they seemed clean. but none had a decent dead end hose on the float bowl so I believe any gas that was there just leaked out anyway. so they were fairly clean. I changed all the fuel lines including in the tank. replaced all of the filters. I have good compression. I have good spark. fuel pump was cleaned and inspected as well. I originally was not getting any fuel into the system past the tank. after putting everything back together, I get fuel to the center carb. but that's it. the driver side and passenger side carbs are not getting fuel. nothing in the lines it will fire and run for a second when gas is poured into the spark plug holes and fired. I have not been able to get two of the 3 carbs to draw fuel. any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks guys.

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