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  1. In Topic:Help 99 Zrt 600 Fuel Issues

    Posted 13 Mar 2017

    check your inlet needles to make sure they are not stuck shut. an easy way to check them is to disconnect the fuel line to the carb and attach a short piece of fuel line to the carb and blow into it. if the air is restricted the needle is stuck. spray some carb clean into the fuel inlet leave sit for a minute and try blowing again. if this doesn't work you will have to remove the carb disassemble and clean.
  2. In Topic:Help 99 Zrt 600 Fuel Issues

    Posted 13 Mar 2017

    View Post fred, on 01 February 2017 - 11:00 AM, said:

    Hello All
    I could use some help please.
    I am fairly new to the snowmobile world other than a old 440 I had when I was a kid.
    So I purchased a 99 ZRT 600 that had been sitting for a couple years. I am confident in my abilities to get it running. I did find old gas in the tank. not much. but I pumped it clean. put new gas and pumped it clean again. I cleaned the carbs , but only the float bowl and the upper half . I did not pull the needle valves or jets. they seemed clean. but none had a decent dead end hose on the float bowl so I believe any gas that was there just leaked out anyway. so they were fairly clean. I changed all the fuel lines including in the tank. replaced all of the filters. I have good compression. I have good spark. fuel pump was cleaned and inspected as well. I originally was not getting any fuel into the system past the tank. after putting everything back together, I get fuel to the center carb. but that's it. the driver side and passenger side carbs are not getting fuel. nothing in the lines it will fire and run for a second when gas is poured into the spark plug holes and fired. I have not been able to get two of the 3 carbs to draw fuel. any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks guys.
  3. In Topic:Smart Valves Or Fuel Pickup Valves

    Posted 7 Jan 2015

    They can be cleaned for a temporary fix but ultimately need to be replaced. The screen mesh is so fine it doesn't take much to get them to suck up and shut off fuel flow. After shutting engine off they should open up again but as soon as you start to ride they will get sucked up again eventually.
  4. In Topic:Symptoms Of A Bad Tps On A 04 F6 Efi Sp Firecat

    Posted 7 Jan 2015

    How do your reeds look? Cracked or broken pedal? Does it only happen at low RPMs? Your sled is efi. Have you ever replaced the fuel filters (smart valves) in the tank? Water in the fuel? One other thing to check might be the piston skirt. May be cracked. You stated that you were riding in deep snow, maybe your sled ingested some snow and cracked or warped the piston skirt and you are loosing secondary compression in the crankcase. Just throwing ideas your way from past experience. Good luck
  5. In Topic:Symptoms Of A Bad Tps On A 04 F6 Efi Sp Firecat

    Posted 7 Jan 2015

    Check your throttle overide. Start the sled, drive it at a slow speed and work the throttle lever perpendicular to the handle bars and see if the engine cuts in and out. I've ran into this problem on many sleds. Hope this helps.

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