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Topics I've Started

  1. Isoc Snocross

    Posted 19 Feb 2018

    Any of you watches the AMSOIL ISOC snocross races either live in person or via live streaming? What I noticed this weekend in the heats is that Kamm is blowing his heat races in order to get a better gate pick for the finals. With this stupid inverted start position, (the only one in any motorized sport) and to get the extra 5 bonus points for the heat wins, it makes it difficult for any racer to try and get the holeshot from the very outside gate pick.

    You see Tucker and almost every other racer including #43, #13, #11 (just to name a few) trying to win the heats and gain them 5 bonus points. But during the 2 race nights, I noticed Kamm deliberately blowing heats. He knows he can't beat them Cat's straight up so he kind a cheats in a way. I praise Levi for his excellent post to Tucker.

    ISOC officials made this stupid rule because Tucker was winning everything prior to this rule change. But Tucker is still winning, so whats next are they gunna make him do, let everyone have a 3 second head start LOL. ISOC needs to get their s*** together and penalize the racers who blow their heats with a 5 point deduction.

    Just my 2 cents.
  2. 2017 Zr6000r Xc

    Posted 16 Aug 2017

    Good day y'all,

    Does anyone out there know which reputable company if any will be making light weight performance cans for the 2017 ZR 6000R XC race sleds? I know they make em for the SX version (Speedwerx), but what about the XC version?
  3. Xc Sleds

    Posted 7 Nov 2016

    Anyone get there new 2017 ZR 6000R XC sleds yet and had a chance to look them over or ride them? Me still waiting for mine.
  4. Heat Exchanger Repair

    Posted 26 Apr 2016

    Has anyone ever used JB Weld (paste) on a heat exchanger before. My tunnel mounted heat exchanger has 2 small punctures from ice studs. I really don't want to replace the exchanger alright and our local shop does not have the right welder to weld it. You can send me replies and procedures to:

    Happy sledding or ATV'ing.
  5. New Sleds

    Posted 16 Feb 2016

    Just saw a Twitter picture of a 2017 Ski-doo sled which was darkened. I wonder what AC has up it's sleeve in terms of new sleds/engines/technology, etc. Will AC have a new chassis or keep the status quo? Refinements over the entire line up would be awesome and hopefully a new CTec 2 800cc engine?

    The AC/Yamaha partnership is paying off for both companies I believe.

    Happy sleddin

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1995 ZR 700, 1996 ZRT 600, 1997 ZR 440 SP, 1997 Thundercat 900, 2005 F7 EFI Sno Pro, 2006 F6 EFI Sno Pro Cross Country, 2007 F10 Improved Sno Pro
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Thundercat Mud Pro 1000 - Soon To Be

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