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1970s Team Arctic Race Trailer Late Autumn Road Trip!

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Posted 31 October 2010 - 02:50 PM

This past summer had a lot of buzz going about a former Team Arctic race van that had been located in Superior WI. With the aid of the internet, a great many people started a ground-swell movement to get the old trailer purchased from its current owner and donate it to the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum in St Germain WI. While lots of people were stating that they would donate money, parts, etc to make this happen...I typed in a seemingly small post something like this..."if you guys get this bought, i volunteer to pull the trailer from Superior to St Germain". Well, fast forward to 8am this past saturday...I am just south of Duluth MN driving up I35 to hook on a trailer that may not have seen a highway for around 20 years or so. It had begun to occur to me the last few days that this project could be a little larger than I had bargained for. I took comfort in knowing that I would be meeting Terry Bashoor and his friend from Massilon OH at the sellers place and together the 3 of us would try to get the long-idled trailer road-worthy enough to get to the Hall of Fame at St Germain.

A note about Terry Bashoor...Early on in this project, Terry volunteered to drive up from Ohio with as many trailer parts, tools and expertise as he thought might be needed to get this thing ready to move. Well, he delivered! On top of everything else Terry also morphed into being one of the 2 major fundraisers for this, AND, will have traveled over 2000 miles round-trip to make this all happen. Who says volunteerisum is dead?

There is a long list of people that donated money to make this all happen, that is all being documented by the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and proper recognition will be given by them at a later time. I will just share a few pictures and comments here of my involvement with the moving of the trailer....

As stated earlier...It is 8 am, I am just a few miles south of Duluth and white frost is beginning to melt from the roadsides. A Jason Aldean song had just come on the truck radio and was turned up a little louder than normal. I've always enjoyed a road trip and was starting to really enjoy this one too. As I passed the sign pointing to Spirit Mountain I recalled that in a little over 20 days, that place would be crawling with people as another season of snowmobile racing is kicked off.
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Here is a view from the truck window as I was driving over the high bridge that connects Duluth MN to Superior WI. This is looking out over the large bay, over Minnesota Point, and over Lake Superior. I fondly recalled the times back in the 90s when it was such a big treat for us to ride those waters on our Arctic Cat Tigershark PWCs. The windier the better for us. Riding our local 200 acre lakes was never quite the same after that.
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The Arctic trailer was easy to was less than a half-a-mile from the base of the high-bridge I had just crossed. Here is a picture I snapped as I was pulling on site. Never before had an Arctic Cat road trip had me driving my truck up head-on to a Lake Superior ore ship, this was cool! In the left-side of this picture is my first glimpse of the old Arctic trailer, to the right-side of this photo is the ore ship.
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Terry and his friend had arrived a little before me and had gotten right to work. When I pulled in they had me back under the trailer and get hooked. We finished removing the frozen trailer jack stands and they then had me back up to a shop on the property so work on the trailer lights could begin. The building facility on this property was originally a power plant built something like around a hundred years ago, or so. The grounds were complete with the biggest brick smoke stack that I had ever been close to, I tried to capture its size in a photo but failed. It was like a scene out of one of the old "Rocky" movies or something.
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The Ohio boys made quick work out of getting all of the important lights working fine. A little check of a few other things and we felt like we were good to hit the road, or at least try. We were not trying to do an on-site restoration of this thing that morning, just get it ready for safe transit. We first moved it around the lot, and then hit the open road. Here we are pictured at a parking lot just a few miles from the starting point, everything seemed good and we figured it was time to head east and see what happens.
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As Superior WI fades into our rear-view mirror and we are east-bound on Highway 2, I see a sign telling me how far it is to Ironwood Michigan. To get to St Germain, we would not be going to Ironwood, we would turn south at Ashland. Thinking of Ironwood though did cause me to reflect on the history behind the trailer I was pulling....Has this trailer been present during the historic Sno Pro races that were held at Ironwood MI during the golden era of Sno Pro?...I am guessing so. Afterall, it is lettered up as the "Scorpion Squadron", "Race Support", etc. Thinking of that caused me to reflect even further...what was going on the last time that this very trailer was pulled down this very highway?? Had Team Arctic/Scorpion won some races that weekend?...was everyone safe after a weekend of competition?...where was the team/trailer headed next? was the rest of the season? etc? etc? Is easy to let our minds wander at a time like that. As I had been standing in interior the vacant dusty trailer a few hours earlier it had already crossed my mind...who all has worked out of this trailer?...what are some of their stories? This old trailer is much like having an old sled...the actual old iron is fun and nice for sure...but the memories and stories that an old piece of iron can rekindle is priceless and is what makes the preservation of stuff like this so important and rewarding.

Other than a stop for some gas-station hot dogs, Mountain Dew and Monsters, we stayed on the highway all the way to our destination at the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum in St Germain WI. It was about a 3 and one-half hour transit time. Terry and his friend were in immediate support the entire way, sometimes ahead of the trailer, sometimes behind. Kind of like "Smokey and the Bandit", except Terry drives a white Silverado and not a black Trans Am. Here are images of pulling up to the main HOF building and parking.
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Here is an image of some reattaching of the jack stands, under the watchful eye of Loren Anderson.
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The site where the trailer will sit over winter, until further plans are made...
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Before leaving the Snowmobile Hall of Fame, Loren Anderson graciously invited us in for a tour. They already have added a number of interesting different snowmobiles since I had last been there and I was delighted to be able to see the place again. If you have never been to this facility and enjoy witnessing the preservation of snowmobiles and stories from the sport of snowmobiling, make plans to pay this place a visit.

Now that this trailer is in the good hands at the Snowmobile Hall of Fame, we will want to help them learn anything they possibly can about it. If you have any memories, stories, photos, etc of this trailer...and/or the people that were around this trailer...please post up right here at .

You can also contact Loren Anderson at the snowmobile Hall of Fame at
You can email me at
You can read more on this topic at under Bull Sessions.

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Posted 01 November 2010 - 12:48 PM

Great Job Tom, Terry and friend! Even though I will no longer get to see the trailer almost every day, I'm glad that it is now where it belongs. Hats off to all the others involved in starting the preservation of this awesome piece of TEAM ARCTIC history! Very nice post too Tom!!

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Posted 06 November 2010 - 08:25 AM

Great story! That it true dedication to our sport and the history behind it. I don't know you at all Tom, but a sincere "Thank You" to you and everyone involved.

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 08:54 PM

Very nice story, I was following it on the vintage sit, great job!

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Posted 09 November 2010 - 08:56 PM

Hey guys this was really a great project to be involved with, it was a long road trip for me but I am getting pretty well accustomed to those long trips. I am including a couple pics of the trailer going across US-2 and I must say it sure makes you wonder how many times this same trailer made this same trip across US-2 heading to the races in Ironwood back in the day. The last picture is Of Ray Butzer, Tom Rowland and myself after delivering the trailer to the Hall of Fame.

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